New product in the offer of Omida Trade - refrigerated containers! Interview #OmidaBusiness with Kasia Jozefowicz

New product in the offer of Omida Trade - refrigerated containers! Interview #OmidaBusiness with Kasia Jozefowicz | Omida Logistics
Kasia Jozefowicz o nowym produkcie Omida Trade

Today we are pleased to introduce Kasia Jozefowicz, the new driving force at Omida Trade, who heads the project responsible for the development of an innovative product - refrigerated containers. We have prepared a few questions that we decided to ask Kasia, so that our customers and the entire Omida team, can learn more about the new product.

What convinced you to join the Omida Trade project? Was it specific aspects of the project, the company's values, or something else?

Kasia: I was primarily persuaded to join by Dominik Sosnowski, whom I have known and worked with for a long time. He gave me a free hand to act and promised to support me both substantively and financially with the project, which is really crucial when expanding the offer with this particular product. I am very impressed with how smoothly the whole Omida family functions - we have specialists for everything and help with all sorts of issues is literally a matter of a few minutes, email or phone call. :) We also don't follow a rigidly defined path - we have room for spontaneity and a bit of craziness, and this motivates us to think and act.

Can you tell us about your work experience in the logistics and transportation industry?

Kasia: I started my adventure with containers in transportation, which gave me a solid work experience, but also great job satisfaction. Then there was the sales department, where a considerable amount of my time was spent in the yard among containers and customers, which I absolutely loved, but which also allowed me to learn and know many purely technical things related not only to the containers themselves, but also repair, refurbishment process or alterations. On top of that came marketing and, after time, more complex modifications. I really like variety in operations, so I am very comfortable with what I am currently doing at Omida Trade.

What is your vision for this project and what innovations do you plan to make in the future? What are your goals and priorities?

Kasia: First of all, the availability of different models, sizes and types of coolers, this is the most important, so the first purchases are already behind us. In addition to this, I would very much like to see containers that are easy to use, with all the conveniences for the user - such as doors that can be opened with one hand without too much trouble, or interior lighting - become the standard.

Can you tell us more about the new product that was recently introduced? What are its main features and advantages?

Kasia: Our product range has recently been enriched with a new product - refrigerated containers. We already have on offer used containers, which are available both for sale and rent. This is in response to growing market demand and our desire to expand our offerings to better meet the needs of our customers.

Refrigerated containers are the backbone of transporting foodstuffs or any other goods sensitive to temperatures that are too high or too low. For years, they have been excellent for stationary use as permanent storage, or for additional storage, such as seasonal use. They operate in temperatures as low as -40 to +40, and are available in several sizes to suit customers' needs. They are easy to transport, and the cost of delivery and rental or purchase is a fraction of the cost of building a classic warehouse. However, shipping containers are equipment for the sea, for harsh conditions - we ultimately want to make it easier for our customers to operate our equipment and offer user-friendly solutions - easy opening, closing, lighting.

How exactly do refrigerated containers work? Could you explain how it is possible for a refrigerated container to both heat and cool?

Kasia: The container is equipped with a refrigeration unit that works like an air conditioner - it can cool, but it can also heat. You plug it in, set the target temperature on the control panel - the rest happens by itself. Air at the right temperature is blown inside and in a fairly short time provides ideal storage conditions for the goods in question.

Do refrigerated containers have applications in specific industries? For which industries do you dedicate this product?

Kasia: We have been surprised more than once by our customers with goods that were stored in refrigerated containers. __Asphalt, chemicals, cosmetics, meat, fish, cheese, mushrooms, candles, wood.__Sometimes something needs to be heated for further processing, like asphalt, and such a container is ideal then. What's more, some materials like wood, for example, require drying and, as you can already guess - the refrigerator also functions perfectly as a dryer. Mushrooms, on the other hand, like moisture, and this is another parameter that can be set in such a container. So the spectrum of industries and materials is huge.

Is it possible to rent a refrigerated container by other companies? What does this process look like?

Kasia: As much as possible. At the beginning, we determine what kind of container will be suitable, how many pieces, and for how long they will be needed. Then we work out the details related to power supply, foundation, as well as delivery and unloading. The entire process is topped off with a signed rental agreement and delivery to the specified address. We also have a refrigeration service that is constantly on call and gets to the site quickly if necessary.

What are Omida Trade's long-term plans in terms of the new product?

Kasia: In the long term, we plan to expand the area for which we will provide refrigeration sales and rental service. One step at a time - we intend to first introduce our services to the countries where the Omida Group operates, and then escalate our operations to the rest of Europe as well, and perhaps beyond. The key task will be to identify suitable business partners who will be able to provide effective service and container service in the designated areas.

Are any innovative technologies being used in refrigerated containers?

Kasia: In fact, something is being improved all the time, new features are being added, new facilities are being offered, and old solutions are being moved away from being more eco-friendly, both in the production process and service. The world of containers is also slowly moving to phones - with the help of a mobile app, you can control the temperature, have an overview of the parameters or technical status of the unit. GPS modules to locate the container are also on the agenda.

What are the benefits for customers using Omida Trade's refrigerated container services?

Kasia: Competitive rates, fast and safe delivery, smiling and comprehensive service, an extensive area of operation, as well as the willingness and ability to implement intermodal topics with the help of refrigerated containers... these are just some of the benefits that distinguish Omida Trade's services and bring value to our customers. ;)

What are Omida Trade's plans for the coming year?

Kasia: Omida Trade's plans for the coming year are ambitious and focused on further growth of the company. First of all, we foresee a significant expansion of our fleet, which will allow us to serve customers even more efficiently and increase our competitiveness in the market. In addition, intensifying cooperation with other Omid subsidiaries in Europe is one of our priorities. In particular, we will focus on strengthening relationships with our subsidiaries in Spain and Romania, which will allow us to better utilize the potential and resources of the entire Omida Group on the European continent.

What can you learn from working at Omida Trade? ;)

Kasia: I have the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the area of sea container handling and related topics. Despite my experience and advanced knowledge of various processes, there are aspects that still present themselves as a field for study. At Omida Trade, I have access to experts specializing in various fields who are ready to share their knowledge and provide support in understanding every intricacy of the industry.

Thank you Kasia for your valuable information and deepening our understanding of Omida Trade's new product and your role in its development. We will look forward to following your progress and successes, which will undoubtedly follow you on this exciting path of innovation in the logistics industry. We wish you much success!

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