Container transport and delivery - what is worth knowing?

Container transport and delivery - what is worth knowing? | Omida Logistics

Container transport and delivery - what is worth knowing?

Let's start with the basic terms, the knowledge of which will come in handy and is integral when it comes to deliveries:

HDS (or HIAB)-a crane on a car. It usually comes in a short car + trailer configuration, and is ideal for transporting 20', or small containers of 6m in length. HDS on a long trailer is increasingly popular, but rather where containers are easily available in large quantities, i.e. around ports and large terminals/depots. A large HDS is more expensive than a small one, and thus for longer distances it is simply not worth considering.

Platform-flatbed semi-trailer. Transport by truck with a platform is cheaper than with a sub-container.

Sub-container- a semi-trailer adapted only for transporting containers. There is no option to carry anything other than containers, transportation comes out more expensive.

Slings- ropes or chains that are hooked to the cubes of containers. For large containers, they need to be long enough to unload it safely.

The vast majority of container buyers simultaneously ask for a quote for transportation and unloading. This is obvious- when buying a full service, our work ends with the payment of the invoice, and the rest is handled by the seller. This is convenient, especially since not everyone has the necessary knowledge and often does not realize how much work can organizing a single delivery be.

In large cities and container spots there is usually no problem and you can easily choose companies offering transportation or unloading services, and everyone who has organized at least a few such deliveries has a trusted person in various locations to whom he gives such orders, because he knows that it will be fast and efficient.

Things get a little more complicated in smaller towns, where there is often no one with the right equipment and, unfortunately, knowledge.

And this is where the search begins - who is closer (to make it cheaper, of course), who is available (to coordinate it with the truck), who can handle it (because not every HDS can unload a 40' or refrigerated container), who offers a good rate. You also have to keep in the back of your mind that sometimes it's better to pay a little extra and be sure that someone knowledgeable will come do the job rather than risk life and health of those involved.

And now the technicalities about the unloading site:

  • whether the access is paved - so that no one gets buried in the mud for exaple
  • how much space is there next to it - so that the HDS can set up - a trailer plus "paws",
  • whether there is no tree growing right next to it?
  • is the ground prepared - i.e. a foundation is laid?

IMG 6858

IMG 6859

Sometimes the foundation site is so challenging that you need a small crane to get the necessary overhang or to protect the surrounding area. So it's not uncommon for me to ask the buyer for a few photos of the chosen location to inform the driver accordingly.

I personally like to offer unloading to my clients, because even though it can sometimes take a really long time, it's nice to come across professionals with whom you can do more unloading in the future, and at the same time be sure that everything will go smoothly :)

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*This article was written by Kasia Jozefowicz. If you have any additional questions, please direct contact. *

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